Wolf Oil Corporation

An always-on social media approach

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Wolf Oil Corporation (WOC) is a Belgian company that develops customised, state-of-the-art lubricants for engines around the world. With two distinct brands under its umbrella —Wolf Lubricants and Champion Lubricants — the company needed a partner to help them turn these two brands into household names. 

The challenge

We needed to create a social media strategy that would build awareness on an international scale and uphold Wolf and Champion’s unique brand identities.

The solution

Using an agile model with clear milestones, we worked with WOC to enhance their current social media channels and create engaging content. Follow along to see how we put this model into practice.


Hosting a discovery workshop with WOC’s marketing, brand and product managers helped us go from from lubricant novices to experts. Through this initiative, we learned what makes each brand distinct and offered our ideas to make Wolf and Champion stand out.


From the workshop we learned using a similar strategy for both brands would be the best approach, but the stories would be different. While Wolf is about innovation, technology and mobility, while Champion would focus on bringing people together who share a passion for motoring. These stories were told using WOC’s current partnerships and sponsorships in motorsports.


Using the strategy and a marketing calendar, our creative team conceptualises ideas for the upcoming quarter and produces the content for both brands with the assistance of WOC stakeholders. The social media team then shares the content on nine different channels that span the EMEA region.


Springbok is in charge of community management on all the different platforms to support and reinforce conversations with the community. Our social experts also provide monthly and quarterly reports that cover channel, content and community to continually improve and achieve great results.

The results

Using an agile content creation process, we made Wolf and Champion’s social media presences consistent, relevant and, most importantly, memorable. From our efforts, Wolf and Champion are standing out in a cluttered social media space against the big lubricant companies of the world.

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