How we made telco really talk.

AI Branding  |  Applied AI  |  Conversational UI  |  Facebook messenger integration  |  Lead generation  |  Pre-sales  |  User flow mapping

Proximus is the largest of three major telecommunications companies in Belgium. With nearly half the Belgian population as its customer base, Proximus offers a wide variety of subscription packages to meet the market demands.

However, a wide range of choices means nothing if a customer can’t figure out what the best option is for them. On top of that, Proximus also needed a way to talk to a younger generation of mobile users.

We saw an opportunity to offer our expertise in conversational AI to help Proximus up their communication game and deliver the right message at the right time.

Proximus needed to find ways to adopt the newest technologies to better and more efficiently communicate to customers. As Springbok we provided our experience and expertise in conversational AI.  We guided them through the maze of new technologies and helped them figure out how to put those at their service deliver the right message at the right time using a chatbot. And that’s how we made telco really talk.

To achieve this ambitious goal, our team of experts managed:

  • Conversational UI
  • Applied AI
  • AI Branding
  • User flow mapping
  • Facebook Messenger integration
  • Lead generation

The Challenge

Bringing information to life with AI

Because Proximus offers a wide range of telco packages, people often felt overwhelmed while trying to pick one and would end up abandoning the process altogether. Because of this Proximus was missing out on a crucial market share. To improve the process, Proximus needed to find a way to make it easier to share information with prospective customers and do it in a fun and engaging way.

The Solution

We saw a chatbot as the best solution because of its ability to use natural conversation and use the latest technology to provide an seamless experience for customers. After an extensive user analysis test and a two-month co-creation process, we were ready to debut our prototype chatbot, Titus. Instead of asking about bytes and transmission speeds, Titus uses everyday language and easy questions to match people with their ideal Proximus plan in a matter of minutes.

The Impact

After thousands of conversations with customers, Titus not only succeeded in helping potential customers find the information they’re looking for, he also helped us better understand the needs of website visitors. This insight has already proven useful, with Titus’ capabilities Proximus is able to provide an even better customer experience through putting the clients in contact with support agents when needed.

website visitors who engaged with Titus

Titus’ conversion rate (lead or sale)

Increase in visits to key product pages
Minimus (+257%)
Familus (+130%)
Tuttimus (+162%)

Increase in sales for telco packages with an internet connection

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