MyFamily: introducing a customer-friendly take on child benefits.

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A new take on child benefits.

Among other activities aimed at both businesses and consumers, MyFamily is one of the leading child benefit funds in Belgium.

The Challenge

The legal framework for child benefits in Belgium was thoroughly reformed in January of 2019. The biggest difference? It is no longer the responsibility of the employer to choose a child benefit fund, but the expectant mother’s. An impactful switch for MyFamily, since the company suddenly moved from a B2B to a B2C environment. In order to reach this new target audience, MyFamily decided to launch its new brand.

The Solution

Together with MyFamily, we defined the ideal customer experience. Our team of strategists mapped the customer journeys of the various target groups. Then, in close collaboration with internal stakeholders at MyFamily, we defined possible touch points. Every touchpoint was aimed at providing added value for expectant parents and allowed MyFamily to claim its role as an expert and thought leader. 

The MyFamily website.

The MyFamily website was given a custom identity and was designed with both inspirational and functional value in mind. The basis for the website was a solid user experience strategy and information architecture we created together with MyFamily. Moreover, we took the content and made it 100% SEO proof. And of course, we measured website traffic and monitored KPIs so we could make the necessary adjustments for optimal conversion along the way.

The MyFamily website

The MyFamily newspaper is sent out to families four times a year. It is one of the main touchpoints for MyFamily, next to the product website. We updated the newspaper and gave it a new, contemporary design and photographic style.

The MyFamily newspaper.

The Impact

Since the launch of the MyFamily campaign, website traffic has steadily increased. In September, the campaign was picked up by national media, which resulted in a massive stream of visitors and prospects. Moreover, website visits are extraordinarily qualitative and lead to a high number of conversions. 

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