Firestone Live

Making Firestone's heritage in music fresh, a century later

Founded in 1900 by Harvey Firestone, Firestone is a modern tyre company with a rich heritage.

As the man who sold Henry Ford the set of pneumatic tyres for his first automobile, and the brand that invented the modern tyre, Firestone was a legendary name known in every American household throughout the 20th century.

Today, Firestone is an international brand that maintains the integrity of its founding father. The company was looking to share their brand story with European audiences, and we had the knowledge, expertise and vision to help them.

When people think of Firestone, they may be surprised to learn that music plays a substantial role in the brand’s heritage. In fact, Firestone’s been bringing people together through music since 1928 when Harvey Firestone launched the first sponsored radio programme, The Voice of Firestone.



In 2015, Firestone announced they were returning to their roots in music and planned to begin supporting musical talents of all styles, genres and levels of recognition from across Europe. Known as Firestone Live, this campaign sought to reach as many Europeans as possible with an interest in and a passion for music, travel, driving and fun.

For the past four years, we’ve served as Firestone’s creative partner to develop music, lifestyle and event content for Firestone Live and other music campaigns in each of Firestone’s local markets. Using an ever-evolving creative concept, we’ve continued to capture the interest of everyday drivers and show them why Firestone is the smart choice when purchasing tyres.



Our efforts generated a lot of traffic resulting in a stronger connection between Firestone and music. Just like almost a century ago, quality tyres go hand in hand with quality music.

Website sessions (2018 vs 2017): +256%
Total users 2018: 76.680
Social traffic growth (2018 vs 2017): 1374%


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