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Introducing customers to the easiest energy contract out there

With UP, ENGIE was ready to do things differently. Their brand-new energy contract concept focuses on services and customization. ENGIE asked us to come up with a way to communicate this new approach to the target audience in a fun, dynamic way.


UP allows consumers to take control of their energy consumption in an entirely new way. The key USP? Total peace of mind. 

Based on extensive market research and a number of strategic workshops with ENGIE’s internal stakeholders, we defined the UP brand promise. The result of this co-creation approach was a client- and agency-approved value proposition that acted as a strategic starting point for all deliverables.

The UP website was designed to convey peace of mind. Since our market research showed that recognition is a major factor for comfort, the website and its content change depending on the time of day. Additionally, we let real families in three well-defined target groups do the talking in editorial videos about UP’s major selling points.

When getting into the details of the UP services, we made sure to stay clear of facts and figures and the usual infographics. Instead, we let our vloggers Sander and Daphne show consumers how each service works.

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