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Increasing customer acquisition at Brico

Increasing customer acquisition at Brico

Home improvement and garden retailer Brico wanted to use marketing automation to create a unique brand experience for every customer. Our team stepped in to guide them through every step of the process, from increasing customer acquisition to nurturing relationships.

Business challenge

Get Brico to excel in customer-first marketing by helping them acquire, unify and grow their customer database and use it to develop personalised brand experiences for every user.


To create content that’s relevant for every Brico customer, we first had to identify them. But gathering insight from in-store registrations proved to be a difficult task.


We implemented a three-step plan to help Brico gain, maintain and grow its customer database. 

1. Acquire

First, we created an easier registration process for customers and employees. Cashiers only had to ask for essential info at the checkout line, and afterwards, customers could opt-in for their Brico card at home. 

2. Unify 

With a large pool of customers, we then created a digital ecosystem to organise the data and keep users at the centre. 

Using Selligent Marketing Cloud, we collected customer data from multiple channels and used it to deliver relevant content back to customers via the same channels (and beyond). 

3. Grow

No Brico customer is exactly alike, and we wanted to make sure Brico served up content that catered to various customer segments. We ran two audience segmentation projects and one behaviour-based marketing automation campaign to increase engagement and traffic.

Audience segmentation

  • The first project shared “golden questions” with customers to help Brico learn more about their interests and deliver more personalised content. 
  • The second project involved developing a digital platform that provides special discounts for DIY home projects. An interactive entry interview enriches a user's profile and gives Brico insight on what products to share with them. 

Behaviour-based automation

Our team also worked with a Brico task force to implement a Selligent Site proof-of-concept (aka the Garden POC). The goal was to see if targeting content about gardens to “assumed garden owners” would increase engagement and results.


Our efforts from the combined phases resulted in:


increase for in-store Brico registrations

more impact in personal communication


decrease in opt-outs

Brico_visual_2 (1)

The Brico digital ecosystem at a glance. 

Brico_visual_1 (1)

A mockup of the landing page for DIY homeowners. 

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About Brico

Brico is a Belgian building market that focuses on DIY products and gardening products. It has more than 145 stores nationwide; more than half are part of franchisees and range in shop type from Brico City to Brico Plan-it and the Brico webshop. Brico is part of the Maxeda DIY Group, a market leader in the Benelux DIY market with 345 shops and close to 7,000 employees.







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Got a project?

We’re more about the walk than talk, but if you have an idea for your customer experience project — we want to hear it!


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