Company perks

Do you need a job?
We’ve got work.

What’s the secret to our success?
Our team.

Careers and employment

As the fastest-growing agency in Belgium, we’ve gone from 2 to 80 members in 5 years. What’s the secret to our success? Our team.

Forget about a competitive salary, cool office and flexible working hours. Those are a given. Here are the real benefits of working for Springbok.


Our Chapters Programme is designed to stimulate peer-to-peer learning. The monthly meetings take place over lunch with rotating discussion leaders.

Free beer

Beko is a client. They gave us a fridge. And our bosses fill it with beer every week. So yes, free beer Fridays are a thing at Springbok.

In shape ?

They say sitting is the new smoking, but we've got fitness screenings, weekly boot camps and fruit baskets to keep us healthy.

Puppy love

We promote a fur-friendly work environment. Lou and his friends are welcome to join our forces on Fridays.


Smartje is our carpool car. If you ask him politely, he’ll take you anywhere. Well, you’ll also need a drivers license, but that’s more of a formality.

Soup-er FriYAYs

On Fridays, our greatest hero comes by to save the day. Souperman uses his powers for good and drops off soup to feed the moderately hungry with delicious homemade soup and bread.

Travel the world without leaving the office

Together, we wave about 20 flags! Which means the office gets very interesting when the World Cup rolls around.

Weekend of play

Last year we went to the South of France. This year we went to Barcelona. We haven’t decided where we’ll go next, but the more important question is: will we remember any of it?

We're providing the cookies so when are you coming for coffee?