MECHELEN, September 7th 2020​ – The COVID-19 pandemic has been a continuous bearer of bad news over the past year. Springbok is happy to report some good news for a change. The consequences of the coronavirus have led to a shift in mentality at corporations and entrepreneurs. A number of new projects depended on data, technology and creativity to answer the challenges during and after the pandemic. The many articulations of the Springbok Group work increasingly integrated on new briefs and will get the support of a few new faces in the future.

The drastic influence of lockdowns, social distance regulation and other cautionary measures, caused corporations to question their organisation models and communication. “That results in an acceleration in the market,” poses Kim Verhaeghen, Managing Partner at Springbok. “We see that our clients are more open than ever to a creative vision, the possibilities of data and innovative technological solutions​—a​nd it’s no coincidence that these are the three pillars of the Springbok approach.

Active in many areas

“Apart from being open to transformation, there’s also more decisiveness from clients,” says Vincent Van Lingen, the second Managing partner at Springbok.

“This exceptional situation demands almost immediate action from corporations, in many areas at once. When the outbreak of the corona crisis hit us, we quickly started working on the communication for the tracing app Savitas. Today, we are helping clients like Bridgestone and Mercedes-Benz through the new economic conditions with the automation of digital marketing, streamlining of complex digital ecosystems and creating ‘phygital’ experiences.”

Exchange between disciplines

The integrated approach of the Springbok Group became a key advantage in these circumstances. The local Springbok offices in Mechelen, Amsterdam and Paris work closely together with each other, but also with the other companies within the Group: Rise + Shine, Unides (design studio) and Spring (UX design). “Ever since we became a group, we have always worked towards a constellation where 1 + 1 equals 3,” says Kim Verhaeghen. “Now we see the fruits of our labour. The challenges that our clients face demand a broad vision with a continuous exchange between experts in diverse disciplines.”

Welcoming Gert Lintermans

The current situation called Springbok to action and led to a number of new hires to service the changing needs of its national and international clients. The first notable newcomer is Gert Lintermans. He will be the new Group Business Development Director at Springbok. Data, technology and digital transformation are part of his DNA. He used to be Head of Innovation at Proximity BBDO and Head of Data and Technology at Wunderman. In his new role, he will not only attract new customers but also contribute to the international growth of the Springbok Group.

Two new faces at Client Services

Springbok welcomes two newcomers to the Client Services team as well. Joana Lazaro will become Client Service Director. Her international career, bringing her to Lisbon, Emakina in Switzerland and Brussels Airlines amongst others, is a perfect match with the border-crossing and groundbreaking approach that international clients came to expect from Springbok. Bert Leyssens makes the jump from Intracto and joins the Bridgestone Europe Client Services team as a Senior Technical Project Manager.

Reinforcing the data analysis and marketing automation department

Because Springbok increasingly leverages data, Liesl Moriau was hired as a Data Analyst. She will report to Strategy Director Christophe Fajs, whose team plays a vital role in the new projects. To support Springbok's growing marketing automation efforts, the Group signed Amaury Chavepeyer (ex Actito) and Andries Clippeleir (ex The Reference) as Project Managers and Louis Van Aken as a Salesforce Marketing Cloud Campaign Expert at Rise + Shine.

For more information about the Springbok Group, please contact:
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About Springbok
Springbok is a next-gen hybrid agency that creates optimal customer experiences and campaigns by combining technology and creativity. In this approach, Springbok merges the intelligence of a data science consultancy with the creativity of an agency and the methodology and user-oriented approach of a UX design studio. In this way, Springbok can help build an entire digital ecosystem, from website to omnichannel campaigns. The agency does this for national and international clients such as Mercedes-Benz, Bridgestone, Daikin, ENGIE, Burger King and Brico. Springbok has offices in Mechelen (HQ), Amsterdam and Paris with 115 employees.