Well on our way to realizing an impressive digital ambition.

Goed x Experience Platform

The Challenge

Goed is the umbrella name for a series of pharmacies, homecare stores and hearing centers. One overarching brand that helps, assists and informs people about all care-related topics: from wheelchair rental to reserving flu vaccines. More even, it is the organization’s ambition to cater to all of their visitors’ healthcare needs based on a customer-oriented approach in which digital plays a crucial role.

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Servicing existing and new Goed customers even better
Goed is making serious strides. And in light of its lofty digital ambitions this is necessary because the brand is resolutely opting for an optichannel vision in order to create more customer lifetime value. In layman's terms, GOED consciously strives for a healthy mix of various communication channels. A combination of its own physical stores supplemented with a strong online presence.

What's more, every online channel must position itself as an extension of the physical service and contact points. The ultimate goal? Create a closer connection between familiar shop experiences (online and offline) and personal touchpoints with GOED staff.

Springbok's role? In 2019 Duke & Grace, a Springbok agency, entered the picture to help achieve GOED’s new digital ambitions: scale up their (digital) business, make all services collaborate in an integrated way and help and support (new) customers even better.

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The Solution

Versatile support: from development to growth marketing.
At the time we started by giving advice regarding the existing customer journey and brand strategy. Subsequently Springbok was almost immediately included in the pitch for the development of a brand-new digital platform. This way we evolved from a project-based approach towards long-term collaboration.

Today Goed can rely on an extremely multidisciplinary Springbok team. Several experienced profiles that make the difference on a digital level, with expertise in a number of areas: from strategy, marketing and campaigning to user experience design and development.

Together we provide total solutions such as:

  • Effective support in the elaboration of a digital strategy for various target groups (young families, carers, the chronically and acutely ill, and health-conscious consumers).
  • Assistance in planning, designing and developing a digital platform that further embodies GOED’s optichannel vision.
  • Undertake actions to also promote Goed’s internal interests and HR via the platform.
  • Attract relevant visitors by refining GOED’s SEO, SEA, social media, …
  • Growth marketing: create brand awareness through all existing and new digital channels.
  • Develop creative concepts for (online) campaigns that generate traffic to the website.


This close collaboration generates very favorable results. More even, there are a number of things in the pipeline as well! The healthy mix of digital strategic advice, cleverly designed online marketing actions, creative (online) campaigns and data integration ensure optimal reach among the appropriate target groups.

Some notable figures:

Flu campaign 2021:
We convinced interested parties to reserve and pick up a flu vaccine from a Goed-pharmacist.

  • 5,3 million impressions across all channels
  • 1.641 clicks on ‘reservations’
  • Average CTR of 3,05%
  • 29.000 clicks on ads

Branding campaign 2022:
An online campaign to support a national radio campaign. It was a full funnel campaign that in addition to creating awareness for Good (75%) and its various services, also emphasized traffic (20%) and conversion (5%).

  • 3,3 million impressions
  • 12.000 clicks on ads
  • 442.000 completed video views
  • 92 conversions (on Facebook only)