Time for each other, time for Grolsch

Grolsch x Dawn x Creation x Experience Strategy





The Challenge

It’s easy to lose touch with the world around us. Our many social media feeds, our work, our lofty and lonely ambitions to journey into outer space. Even though the things that make us the happiest, according to an annually recurring Harvard study, are belonging and feeling connected to the people around you. That’s where Grolsch comes in. The classic and iconic beer brand delivers one simple message, captured by a single sound.

The Solution

The Twentse value of ‘naoberschap’ (good neighbourship) is part of the Grolsch DNA. This value revolves around connecting people in a meaningful way, by making time for one another and spending it in a meaningful way. We placed that at the heart of the famous beer brand’s new positioning.



The new video showcases how we do it. Not by vilifying the things that keep us from the people around us or by telling a long story about togetherness. Instead, we used the iconic plop-sound, their most distinctive brand asset, as the cue that tells us: it’s time for each other, it’s time for Grolsch. It’s a sound we all recognise, and with that shared recognition, a sound that brings us together.