The sun shines for everyone

Eneco x Dawn x Creation x Experience Strategy





The Challenge

The sun gives you energy. As a source of solar power, it should be available to all of us. Whether you buy or rent, Eneco now makes solar power accessible to everyone. So you too can get your own slice of sunshine, no matter how and where you live. To celebrate the sun and its limitless energy, we’re launching a new campaign: 'Eneco Zon'.
A platform idea for all things solar buzzing with optimism, highlighting the unparalleled accessibility that Eneco offers. After all, when more people profit from the sun’s clean and renewable energy, we all benefit.


The Solution

Whether you buy or rent, Eneco makes solar power accessible to everyone.

More great news under the sun
Sustainability doesn’t end at our front doors. The sun powers our homes, but also our classrooms. To make the most of every ray of sunshine, we connected Eneco to Schooldakrevolutie. Together, they’re working on Zowiezon: a project building toward a Netherlands where every school has solar panels on their roofs while teaching the next generation about the importance and potential of sustainable energy and solar power.