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The Challenge

Since 2019, we are a proud partner of Harman International, known for its audio brands JBL and Harman Kardon. What started out as a collaboration in creating relevant customer journeys and CRM email marketing with Harman International EMEA has blossomed into a broader strategic partnership which also consists of lead generation, data collection & synchronisation, data visualisation and content creation. Discover how we made that happen below!

Adjust expertise to match a growing partner
To match the growth, centralization and differentiation of Harman International EMEA, we needed to fulfill the full potential of Harman’s Salesforce technology landscape on both short and long term. This includes Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Salesforce Service Cloud and Salesforce Commerce Cloud. By matching our expertise to this growth step by step, we were able to grow our partnership along the way as well.

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The Solution

Better together
Defining objectives, goals, strategies and measures on both sides gave a clear overview of what to expect, which departments needed alignment, which teams had specific fields of expertise etc. By dividing the process into simple steps, we managed to create scalable marketing solutions for all its brands.

Phase 1: Fix the basics (2019)
Thanks to our years of experience with Salesforce, CRM programs and associated campaigns have been set up and documented as efficiently as possible in collaborations with the Harman International EMEA E-commerce team, its CRM team and stakeholders.
Salesforce Marketing Cloud was our answer to centralise data and offer differentiated content in smaller regions. This included using multi-brand and multi-lingual templates, redesigning the data model and using all its tools to their full potential.

Phase 2: Nurture (2021)
After fixing the basics, we improved existing and newly developed customer journeys with data enrichment touchpoints through test & learn and smart technology. This included Google Cloud’s data storage, Google BigQuery, Einstein modules, Google Analytics 360, dashboards in Qlik etc. Based on the results, we were able to start segmenting the communication throughout Europe which improved the most important KPIs on engagement and conversion.

Phase 3: Grow
To become even more successful with our CRM & Email campaigns our focus is to expand our reach. Through smarter lead generation, growing our product registrations and re-engage sleeping customers. Based on data insights we were able to grow marketing value in the most effective way.



As a result of our joint efforts, the program has grown in size, both in optins and product registrations, as well as in impact. With impact you can think of a growth in customer value, through both cross-sell and upsell, as well as increased customer satisfaction, which is measured on the basis of NPS.

  • +52% more revenue from CRM channels (2021 vs 2020)
  • +48% more orders from CRM channels (2021 vs 2020)
  • Significant uplift in order value (2021 vs 2020)

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