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The Challenge

Harman International, known for its JBL and Harman Kardon audio brands, was looking for a way to further increase the commercial results of its CRM programme. After an extensive search, they asked Springbok to answer a simple question: how could the company’s CRM and email marketing strategy be improved to deliver smoother, more relevant customer journeys?

The Solution

Delivering a scalable marketing solution was vital to the success of any proposal, as it had to be suitable for the 14 countries in Europe that actively used the CRM programme.

Thanks to our experience with Salesforce and the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, we established the e-commerce and CRM campaigns quickly and efficiently, complete with comprehensive documentation enabling smooth implementation in less mature regions.

To support the e-commerce and CRM campaigns, Harman and Springbok jointly developed an OGSM (Objectives, Goals, Strategies & Measures) to determine priorities and focus areas. By establishing clear responsibilities, it ensured more insight, faster implementation, and fewer obstacles from technical challenges, resulting in operational excellence and clear digital leadership.


To meet the growing demand for data centralisation and more content differentiation, the decision was made to re-implement Salesforce Marketing Cloud. In concrete terms, this means multi-brand and multilingual templates, redesign of the data model and optimal use of all possible functionalities of Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

These activities have had a visible impact on both customer relationships and profile enrichment, for example, within a relevant welcome program, a post purchase campaign, or Black Friday. Finally, all available marketing data is visualised in various dashboards using Qlik.

The results are clear: the programme has grown in size, measured by options and product registrations. Plus, it has had a significant impact on customer value growth, through cross-selling and upselling, as well as increased customer satisfaction measured on the basis of NPS.

  • +52% more revenue from CRM channels (2021 vs 2020)
  • +48% more orders from CRM channels (2021 vs 2020
  • Significant uplift in order value (2021 vs 2020)