Maximising customer value with data

HEMA x Marketing automation





The Challenge

With roots dating back to the year 1926, HEMA is one of the biggest Dutch and European retailers, offering a wide variety of personal and household goods at over 750 brick-and-mortar locations in 7 other countries and its e-commerce platform. HEMA’s main focus is providing premium value to customers by creating a personal dialogue with every customer. Learn how we have achieved that across all countries!

Time to get personal - but how?

Offering a unique customer journey for every single customer is complex, yet HEMA and Springbok have found a way to create a single customer view for a more personal approach across all 1-to-1 channels.


The Solution

Funneling towards personalization
Based on a continuous three-stepped approach and an agile way of working by all experts on both sides, we have been able to construct HEMA’s successful CRM strategy.

Awareness: introducing the ‘More HEMA’ loyalty program
The first steps were taken in 2017 by introducing the ‘More HEMA’ loyalty program to create awareness and track its target audience across all retail platforms and communication channels with supporting campaigns. It quickly became the second largest loyalty plan in the Netherlands and due to its success, it has been rolled out in Belgium in 2022 as well.

Optimization: identifying customer profiles for CRM purposes
A data enrichment flow was created to identify the most relevant profiles within the database. By adopting a test & learn approach with each campaign to target these profiles, HEMA and Springbok built the most optimised communication for every individual consumer through all relevant channels, both offline and online. As a result, HEMA has been able to expand their customer contact strategy (CRM), and by doing so expanding their customer value.

Data learning: finetuning personalised marketing initiatives
By centralising data from HEMA’s Data Warehouse in a Data Consolidation Layer, the data could be fed to clever dashboards and applications such as Selligent, SalesForce and Google Ads. As a result, personalised campaigns could be set up and optimised based on the customer’s preferences even further across the HEMA organisation.



Becoming the leading CRM strategist in retail
HEMA is nowadays able to report and act on every single consumer, store and product. By establishing a single customer view HEMA is able to accelerate and become the most data innovative retailer in our region. Our approach has been validated through multiple projects including dashboarding, communication heartbeat and award winning campaigns.

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