Make Future

Greenpeace x Dawn x Creation x Experience Strategy





The Challenge

Dystopian images of melting ice floes and an unliveable world, burning Amazon forests and endless advice on how you as a consumer can have a tiny influence on the climate. It’s enough to make one despondent or passive. Yet climate activism is more important now than ever. After all, we have less than 10 years left in which to halt the perilous climate change. Which is why we worked together with Greenpeace Netherlands to launch a major public campaign. Make Future. Working on everything from strategy to design, we created a campaign focused on hope, connection and impactful climate action. After all, it’s still not too late.

The Solution

A towering wave
The epic film, directed by Paul Geusebroek of HALAL, steers clear of climate conventions and 'conference jargon’, translating ‘Make Future’ into an iconic metaphor that brings together the power of nature and of people.

Make Friends
Make Trouble
Make Future

Drawing on the latest insights into effective system change, we have developed a campaign that calls for three acts: make friends, make trouble, make future. Because by working together, by breaking rules - what civil rights activist John Lewis calls 'good trouble' - and by speaking up we can change the future. From a creative perspective, too, we decided a new voice is needed for the climate movement. So, instead of using frightening images we used creativity to give resistance and climate activism a new tone and style.



Feel Good Trouble
In the design and identity developed by Dawn, ‘feel good trouble’ is a common thread. Combining bold typography with rainbow colouring reminiscent of Greenpeace's Rainbow Warrior it was important to develop a style that works in all channels. From a climate march protest to a heroic film, and from online actions to impactful outdoor, we set out to turn climate activism into a playful and optimistic affair.

We set out to turn climate activism into a playful and optimistic affair.
In the run-up to the Dutch parliamentary elections in March, meters-high outdoor displays and a huge poster campaign will call people to take action and make politics green. On the action platform Make Future - developed together with Daylight 'feel good trouble' activations will be organized throughout the entire year.