Innovative ROPO (research online, purchase offline) strategy.

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The Challenge

Carpetright wanted to create and implement the best possible ROPO (research online, purchase offline) strategy to encourage more people that currently look online for products to actually visit a physical store. The ultimate aim was to increase sales.

But how can you accurately measure the number of store visits that are a direct result of a campaign? Does every store visit in every location have the same value for Carpetright? And if you can map this out, how can you automate it?

The Solution

Our first action was to link the 97 Carpetright locations in the Netherlands to Google Ads and Analytics. Together with insights into store visits and the average order value, Carpetright was able to set their ROAS (return on ad spend).

We also implemented some additional elements to help increase growth, starting with broader keywords. This gave the algorithm space to determine their influence. By using the ROPO to steer our efforts, we could add a value to these keywords and evaluate their impact on store visits.

To increase store visits even further, we added location extensions and targeting adapted to the local radius around each store within the campaign. This strategy involved more than just SEA. By making smart use of the Google Analytics Beta: Store Visits, other channels such as organic search traffic, could also benefit from the visit data. As a result, Carpetright can now set KPIs based on store visits generated from all channels, including SEO, print, and radio.


The results were better than expected. The ROAS and the number of store visits has increased significantly since the inception of the strategy. In January 2020 (pre-Corona), the ROAS increased by 68%, leading to 96% more store visits. And during Corona, the results went through the roof!

Non branded results before Corona

  • +68% ROAS
  • +96% Store Visits
  • -40% CPO
  • +60% Cost

Non branded results during Corona

  • +277% Store visits
  • +23% Revenue