How we introduced Belgian families to the easiest energy contract.

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The Challenge

ENGIE announced the launch of UP: a brand-new offer that allows consumers to choose from a selection of ENGIE services to create an energy plan that meets their unique lifestyle and home needs.

How can ENGIE use customer experience improvements to entice current and prospective customers to switch to UP?

The Solution

With so many different energy plans out there, it can be challenging for customers to know which plan is right for them. Our challenge was to find a way to communicate the benefits of UP while also building consumer interest and awareness.

Based on research and workshops, we found peace of mind and being in control to be the two most critical factors that distinguish UP from its competitors. We used these characteristics to define how we organised, built, and communicated the value of UP throughout every stage of the customer journey.

Our dedicated on-site team of UX, UI and service designers, data experts, strategists, prototype builders, and front-end developers worked with ENGIE to find and implement the right solution. We hosted workshops of B2B and B2C stakeholders to define the experience map for an MLP, including a fully redesigned website and digital campaign.

Our team also designed wireframes, applied an atomic design approach to UI, and organised a test plan to analyse the UX success rate. In addition, we developed creative concepts that shared the benefits of UP through engaging videos, articles, and other content for the website. By working closely with the developers, our team translated all of these high-level ideas into workable code.


The resulting website evolved throughout the day, creating a relatable and immersive user experience that showed viewers a selection of stories about real families using UP at home.

We brought this same sense of authenticity and ease to our digital campaign. Instead of simply sharing facts and figures about the benefits of the energy plans, we showed how UP makes a difference in daily life through vlogs.

We achieved go-to-market readiness and improved the user experience for a highly complex business transformation.