Giving space by stopping

De Baak x Springbok

The Challenge

What makes us grow as a person? When we think of personal development, whether it’s emotional, social or professional, we quickly turn to all sorts of tools, exercises and habits that we can tack onto our daily lives in an attempt to progress. So we made a campaign for leadership trainer de Baak that flips the script: we urge people to stop. We launched the new campaign with a refresh of the whole brand.

Stopping might be the most productive thing you can do.
Because stopping gives you space. Space in which you can reflect, focus on what really matters, get to know yourself and figure out where you want to go. We linked that idea of stopping and space to a feeling of pure relief and made a campaign that reflects de Baak’s sentiment that sometimes, standing still is the best way forward.

The Solution

We translated this sentiment into everything we made. Our radio ads make space with a few seconds of peace and quiet in an otherwise loud and busy space. The print and outdoor ads spread our positive and relaxing message, supported by beautiful analog photography. Because in a world where most ads yell at you to buy this or do that, the campaign for de Baak is quietly disruptive, offering us some much needed space.



A campaign with such a distinctive look required a brand to match it.

Because de Baak has such a long legacy, its recognisability is one of its strongest assets. So we kept the foundation, but built a whole look around it. Less corporate, more human and even a little playful.