For every type of holiday fan, there’s Neckermann

Neckermann x brand identity & campaiging

The Challenge

From tour operator to travel agent
After years of being a tour operator Belgian brand Neckermann re-emerged as a travel travel agent. No longer creating the trips themselves but offering a wide variety of travel players. Giving the consumer lots to choose from. With a very broad variety of holidays towards a very broad variety of potential clients. Fit for all Belgians.

From ‘vakantieplan’ to ‘vakantiefan’
With the new proposition Neckermann needed a new message as well. After decennia of focusing on the ‘vakantieplan’ (holiday plan) they needed to focus on the emotion of travel more. Introducing: ‘Voor elke vakantiefan, is er Neckermann.’ For every holiday fan, there’s Neckermann. A new brand platform that illustrates Neckermann's shared love for vacation. Explaining at the same time that the Belgian brand can offer any type of vacation to any type of traveler in the best possible way aimed towards Belgians beyond all-in hotels at sunny destinations. Because, as a Belgian brand, Neckermann knows Belgians best.

The Solution

From everything, everywhere all at once to focus
To spread the message we revamped the visual identity of Neckermann. With the iconic yellow logo front and centered and only a couple of extra colors to strengthen the visual message. Making it stand out from the competition.

Next to the logo and brand we updated the photography as well. As researched showed that people are driven more by the memories of their own holidays than inspirational destination photography. So we stepped away from the bland picture perfect holiday photo towards real life ‘people shot’ photographs. Giving our customer the impression that they could have taking that exact same photo. Bringing the brand a lot closer to the audience. And adding a level of ‘This brand knows me’ to the mix.

On top of that we set up a media plan that has enough flexibility for us and the client to create a monthly focus on target holidays, possible deals and fitting target groups. Each month then set across the 3 different phases (touch, tell, sell). Ensuring that the audience experienced the brand and the message at the right time in the right place.



From great ideas to great results
All of which lead to the best months to date since the roll-out.

  • +56,5% more transactions on the Neckermann website
  • +75,5% more revenue compared to last year
  • -50,8% dropped ROAS compared to last year
  • 110,2% above target on brand activation direct traffic
  • +46,2% branded search compared to last year