What is a headless DMP?

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Marketing and analytics professionals have a habit of using a smorgasbord of abbreviations and names for rather similar solutions and tools. We still find ourselves explaining the difference between CDPs, DMPs, data lakes and data warehouses quite often, and now we have a brand new term to add to that list: headless DMPs.


Not to worry, this is not a blog about the semantic distinction between this collection of abbreviations. Instead, I’ll take a deep dive into an emerging data management development in the world of marketing: headless DMPs.


Simply put, we have borrowed the term ‘headless’ from the world of online content management. A headless content management system, or headless CMS, is one in which content is no longer linked to a specific tool, but is made available for use by any and all tools via APIs.

What makes it headless is that the content does not have a single uniform interface or ‘face’. A headless CMS enables you to dynamically publish content for your website, newsletters, external platforms and so on. It promises easy access to content through a variety of interfaces.

What is a headless DMP/headless data platform?

This trend is now also taking data management by storm. Instead of data being managed for specific tools or marketing channels separately, all data is managed from a single open platform.

Again, the definition of DMPs is not set in stone, but here is what we think:
· For us, a headless DMP or data platform is an open, centralised playing field for data, analytics, enrichment and automation to create data applications.
· A headless DMP can serve as the linchpin between tools that would not usually communicate and can even make certain single-purpose tools obsolete.
· Not just for marketing applications, but for all business units.

This may sound terribly abstract, and it is. The best way to think of a headless DMP is to view it as a power board that can be connected with all of the tools in your data and marketing landscape.

Cloud platform as a headless foundation

Cloud platforms are used to facilitate these headless environments, such as Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services. These platforms offer all the data storage and automation features needed to build headless environments.

DMP tooling vs headless DMP

Whereas traditional DMP and CDP tools typically have standard out-of-the-box interfaces and links with marketing channels, headless DMPs open up new integration avenues altogether, resulting in fewer restrictions and more opportunities to valorise data. However, running a headless DMP does require more data expertise and creativity.

With a headless DMP, you only develop what you actually need: integrations and automation features with actual and immediate added value. Headless DMPs require investment in specialist knowledge and cloud platform resources, while traditional DMP/CDP tools will generally charge you a fixed fee for a particular package or consumption tier. Switching to a headless DMP doesn’t just free you from paying for out-of-the-box integrations that you’ll never use or have zero relevance for your objectives; it even enables you to rid yourself of DMPs connecting specific tools.

Instead of paying for a costly license for a DMP, a headless DMP helps you to regain control over your costs and build a scalable solution that is tailored to the needs of your business. No unnecessary costs for applications and integrations you don't use, but a fully bespoke platform supporting all your data-driven decisions.

##Headless DMP and retail
Headless DMPs get you optimal value for money, certainly in retail. Retailers are known as a particularly cost-minded bunch, so they will love how headless DMPs mean paying only for what they actually need.

With an affordable DMP that can be accessed universally, you can build a data warehouse from the ground up in a relatively short time, relying on the same data sources you always have. Examples include Facebook, Magento and Google Analytics, among others.
Time is money. It’s one of the biggest clichés out there, but like most clichés, there’s a grain of truth to it. As it happens, headless DMPs have clear added value in this respect. With a headless DMP, all offline and online data are aggregated in the cloud, which enriches the quality of the data. This helps save money by eliminating your dependence on employees having to work their magic on a multitude of Excel sheets, as your headless DMP will automate processes and figures, before visualising them in dashboards that can be accessed 24/7. Interested in finding out more about what a headless DMP can mean for you and your business? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with a Springbok specialist!

What can a headless DMP do for you?

Interested in finding out more about what a headless DMP can mean for you and your business? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with a Springbok specialist! Feel free to drop by and discuss your options – no strings attached. Email us or fill in contact form, and one of our experts will contact you with more information.