Springbok jumps into AI with Mieke de Ketelaere as board member


This month, Mieke de Ketelaere became the newest board member at Springbok. As a member of the board, she will be helping us use creativity and technology to deliver a positive contribution to brands, people and society. We expect that that Sustainable AI, or addressing AI with the sustainable development goals in mind, will be disruptive within marketing and advertising and that De Ketelaere is going to play a leading role in it.

Mieke De Ketelaere (adjunct professor at Vlerick Business School and author of Wanted: Human AI Translators, among other things) is an authority in the field of AI and not unknown to Springbok. With her past experience in data and marketing automation at SAS and Selligent, she has been one of the frontrunners and advisor in our network for years. She’s focused on the balance between people, planet and profit within digitisation. “That’s why I enjoy working with young people”, De Ketelaere explains. “This generation is a lot more involved with sustainability and the ethical aspects of technology. You also see that at Springbok. It’s clear that AI is going to play an increasingly bigger role, but that doesn’t mean people will become redundant. On the contrary. Human skills like compassion and empathy will be essential in the future. Springbok is very good at that. They look at technology in a constructive way by constantly asking themselves what kind of impact it’s going to have on people and society. The combination of technical knowledge and empathy is so much greater than the sum of its parts.”

Sammy Colson, CEO of Springbok: “ChatGPT and other AI applications are causing revolution in our sector as big as the arrival of the internet. We’re already delivering cutting edge marketing services in the areas of data and marketing automation, where we use machine learning and applied AI. We find it important to be a frontrunner in automation and digitisation. With Mieke De Ketelaere on board, we’ve got someone who’s an authority on this who really determines its course.”

Kim Verhaegen adds: “As part of our international ambitions, we find it important to surround ourselves with experienced advisors that make a difference. We’re proud that Mieke, as a renowned tech-expert, is joining us. Moreover, her heart’s in the right place when it comes to ethics and business as a force for good, which makes her seamlessly fit with Springbok’s mission. In addition, we’re working on training a new generation that’s learning to use AI towards a positive outcome for people and society.”