Springbok Data is about to double in size - again

- 's-Hertogenbosch

Mark Ebergen becomes the youngest managing partner in Springbok history, joining Peter van Leeuwen to lead Springbok Data to success.

's-Hertogenbosch, 17 February 2022 – Springbok Data, one of the expertise cells of Springbok, keeps up its high pace of growth, aiming to double in size for the second year in a row. Managers Mark Ebergen and Peter van Leeuwen and their team are gaining strong recognition among our clients like HEMA and Jumbo. Recently, the cooperation between Springbok and HEMA was presented with the 2021 Dutch Customer Data Award, for implementing and monetizing a centralised data strategy at the retailer. Their achievements did not go unnoticed within the organisation either, as Mark Ebergen and Peter van Leeuwen just became managing partners. No small feat for a 28 and a 36-year-old.

The ambition of the new managing partners is to educate a team of data experts with a focus on making data more useful within organizations, creating meaningful connections between brands and people. Too much valuable data is stuck in silos that can only be reached by a select number of people. Springbok Data achieves data transformation through data democracy.

Their approach has been successful for many of Springbok’s clients like Carpetright, Zeeman, Unicef, Manutan, AkzoNobel, Jumbo, and, most recently, HEMA.

Things are moving fast in the world of data. In 2022, the team is planning to double in size to answer a need for speed and flexibility in the market. Or as Peter van Leeuwen puts it, “Marketing is used to rapid change, and that is going to help companies make the entire internal data landscape more flexible. The latest algorithms and systems are making an ever-greater impact. Whoever can keep up with the speed of these developments will win." For anyone who is inspired by this ambition, we have great news. Springbok Data currently has many open positions.

It has been over a year since Springbok, the Belgian digital agency, and Adeptiv marketing agency joined forces. The Springbok group connects many services and branches across Belgium and the Netherlands under the umbrella of Connected Expertises with the aim of helping brands and people make meaningful connections. One of those expertises is data, the beating heart of the group. In this respect, you could say Springbok has a big heart. And it’s still growing.