Springbok attracts 4 marketing heavyweights to realise growth ambitions

- Mechelen

Talents like Kathy Haemers and Maarten Breda and accounts like Nissan and Mezaldi signed with Springbok

MECHELEN, 22 FEBRUARY 2022 - To start the year off right, Springbok welcomed seasoned experts like strategy director Kathy Haemers, brand experience director Maarten Breda, service designer Maarten Hazebroek and growth manager Kirsten Haver Droeze. These additions to the team embody the advertising agency’s methodology of connecting experts from different fields. Their strategy bears fruit in the form of new clients too, as big accounts like Nissan and Lantmännen Unibake started a partnership with the agency.

When Springbok and Adeptiv merged in 2021, the plans were bold and clear: becoming a fast growing agency with a groundbreaking digital approach for ambitious brands. Springbok works with wonderful brands like Bridgestone, Harman/JBL, HEMA and KPN. Their portfolio of ambitious brands grew substantially over the past year. Springbok can now count automotive giant Nissan as their client, just like Lantmännen Unibake, the second largest bakery group in Europe with bakeries in more than 20 countries.

To achieve their ambitions in 2022, Springbok strongly believes in their methodology of connecting expertises within the different branches of the group. Interchangeable hybrid teams with, for example, strategy experts, marketing automation experts and data experts make each other better to excel at a specific task and dissolve again when it’s completed. It comes to no surprise that this methodology relies in large part on the people at Springbok. Showing that they mean business, the agency hired 35 new experts in the past year. Springbok currently boasts a team of 300 experts.

The new faces are a mix of young talent and seasoned experts. Among these experts, Springbok welcomed 4 industry-wide known names to strengthen its Belgian-Dutch team. As the experience strategy team keeps growing in importance within the group, it also grows in size and knowledge. The team welcomed a new experience strategy director in Belgium with Kathy Haemers, who had previous experiences at Wunderman Thompson and Sanoma. Together with newcomer Maarten Breda (FamousGrey, Mediamonks) in his role of brand experience director, she will take the lead in the growing team. Service designer Maarten Hazebroek (Emakina and Cap Gemini) completes the list of recent hires in the strategy department. On the Dutch side, growth manager Kirsten Haver Droeze (IBM, Arcadis) joined the ranks to focus on creating deep and lasting connections between brands and their communities.

As the start of the year is now far enough behind us, it seems like Springbok is the rare bird that lives up to its resolutions.

This article previously appeared on Emerce, Pub magazine, Adformatie, Marketingtribune and Fonk.