Springbok and Dawn join forces to lead a new era of purpose

- Amsterdam

It’s a new Dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new Springbok. We are very excited to announce that Amsterdam creative and strategic agency Dawn is coming together with Springbok. We merge to form a new kind of agency that will reinvent marketing for 21st century brands.

With a combined workforce of over 300, our new organisation will break down walls between brand strategy, creativity, data and technology for a growing roster of international clients; combining the power of digital transformation with value transformation to drive positive change.

Dawn has been creating new beginnings for brands since its 2008 inception. The agency's way of working focuses on helping brands like Triodos Bank, StepStone, Grolsch Brewery, Artis, LeasePlan and Greenpeace impact society in a positive way, while at the same time growing their business.

Combining capabilities is not about volume, but value – human and societal, as well as commercial. Better service, better quality, better outcomes – aiming to prove the hypothesis that what is good for society is also good for business.

Kim Verhaeghen, the CEO and co-founder of Springbok said, 'Sometimes things are larger than yourself. The coming together of Dawn and Springbok feels like it was meant to happen. Together we are able to create an agency with the potential of redefining brands, businesses and society towards a positive future. We want to take responsibility and a leading role to reinvent our profession, even reinvent our industry. Together we want to become a magnet for talent and brands that have the ambition to reshape the future for generations to come.'

Inge Ligthart, CEO of Dawn said, 'Dawn enjoys a longstanding reputation on mission-driven brand strategy and high-end creativity that moves the needle for the brands we partner with. Together with Springbok we're supercharging that mission, to make a difference in a world where tech needs to prove its trustworthiness and brands need to find a new approach towards society. It's not necessarily about "making the world a better place", but it’s all about not harming it. Are we there yet? No. But this is our pledge to ourselves, our people and our clients. We are not in for the quick win, but for the long haul' – that's what being mission-driven means.’