Let’s give a warm welcome to Jeroen Huys, our new managing director in Belgium

- Mechelen

Together we will use our warm culture as the foundation for positive growth and impact

The cat’s out of the bag! We are very excited to announce that Jeroen Huys has been appointed as our new Managing Director at Springbok Mechelen. We are a fast-growing agency with over 300 experts and 6 offices in Belgium and the Netherlands, giving Jeroen the challenging role of propagating and guarding our Springbok DNA. As the former managing director of the renowned Design is Dead, he knows how to bridge the gap between technology and creativity like no other.

Our company is growing and transforming every day. This month, Dawn, the Amsterdam-based creative and strategic agency, joined our ranks, transforming us into a new type of agency that reinvents marketing for 21st century brands. By combining both digital and value transformation, we want to create a positive change in the marketing world, for our clients and society.

According to Jeroen, our company culture is the best foundation for positive growth and impact: “Over the course of the past few years, Springbok has burst at the seams. We need some glue to hold everything together and I want to use our agency’s strong culture of caring, empowerment, curiosity, and eagerness to do that. I'm committed to making it happen.”

With 25 years of marketing experience under his belt, Jeroen has a proven track record in building a strong, people-focused company culture. Our co-CEO Sammy Colson: "We have always followed Jeroen's journey with great interest. At our agency, we attach great importance to a positive culture and Jeroen is the right person to get everyone on the same page. Moreover, he has experience with sustainability, corporate social responsibility, and the circular economy. That is where the future of our agency lies.”

Jeroen Huys also confirms that this aspect played a role in his decision. "In addition to the challenges ahead and the opportunity to work with talented people, it is crucial to me that we pursue the same values. Springbok has a clear ambition: help good brands grow big and big brands grow good. Dawn's entry into the team fits perfectly within this goal. We look for the same values when recruiting new talents and that is starting to pay off.

Welcome to the team and the best of luck, Jeroen!

This article previously appeared on Adformatie, Emerce, Pub magazine, MediaMarketing and Fonk.