Digital agencies Adeptiv and Rise + Shine continue as Springbok.

- Mechelen

Adeptiv labels Yourzine and Searchresult join the Northern renaissance led by Springbok.

Mechelen, Amsterdam, ‘s-Hertogenbosch, November 9, 2021 - Belgian digital agency group Springbok announces the incorporation of Dutch agency Adeptiv, their labels Searchresult and Yourzine, together with the Belgian agency Rise + Shine. These agencies have been part of the Springbok family since 2020 and 2019 respectively, and are now officially taking the Springbok name. With this move, Springbok employs a total of 280 digital specialists across borders.

Springbok has grown considerably over the past couple of years: late 2020 marked the joining of forces with Adeptiv, creating a competitor to be reckoned with throughout the Benelux region. Springbok labels have seen their brand grow in size and strength, with clients ranging from Nissan and Honda to Burger King.

Springbok was founded in 2014 and has thrived thanks to a data driven approach, creating value and meaningful connections for people, brands and marketing partners. The international digital group delivers growth for clients by placing itself at the heart of their clients' digital operation and working with, as opposed to alongside other elements in the ecosystem. Joining all labels under the Springbok umbrella is the logical next step in collaboration and integration.

‘The Springbok name is new but the way our people work, with specialized knowledge and a personal approach, is already a company tradition,’ Springbok co-CEO Kim Verhaeghen states. ‘The key to our success lies within meaningful connections, between brands and their communities, and between our 280 digital talents and our clients. Our personal and selfless approach will only develop further thanks to this move.’

The second Northern Renaissance is digital, and it is coming up from Mechelen via Brussels to Den Bosch and Amsterdam. Far from being a pragmatic digital approach simply to drive revenue, Springbok goes back to the classic idea of making work that creates meaningful connections between brands, clients and their own people. Springbok, true to its name, is alert, quick to react and highly adaptive. It doesn’t simply build brands. It uses the digital tools of today to build cultures that can stand the test of time.

Co CEOs Kim Verhaeghen and Sammy Colson envision a future for Springbok for decades to come. The group continues to find strategic opportunities to build the brand and the personnel file further. Springbok does not intend to be a one stop shop, but to lead the digital renaissance they’re at the forefront of: using modern marketing tools to organically build brands and cultures, instead of focusing on endless profit.