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Springbok reveals plans for church at Venice Architecture Biennale

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Why a brand story that resonates makes all the difference

Want to create impact as a brand? Then you’ll need to build a unique, inspiring brand story. This is the kind of story that explains exactly what your brand does or what it stands for, going straight to the heart of those who experience it. It's a relatable brand story, triggering actions. So you can see why brands need to craft a story that resonates with their audience. But what makes a good brand story great? How do you achieve the best results? And which skills do you need?

Springbok takes care of ZORG’s employer branding

Belgium, Mechelen, 4 May 2023 – The general hospitals AZ Sint-Elisabeth (Zottegem) and az Glorieux (Ronse) cooperate closely through their ‘ZORG’ partnership – Dutch for ‘care’. To put a face to their fascinating collaboration, the pair went knocking on Duke & Grace/Springbok’s door last year.
Loyalty dog

8 stats why you should invest in a loyalty program.

Are you looking to boost your brand engagement and satisfaction? Consider investing in a loyalty program! At Springbok, we believe in mission-driven loyalty that aligns your brand values ​​with your customer's values. In this blog post, we explore why you should invest in a loyalty program. We also share how we help our clients build a deeper connection with their customers through loyalty tools, rewards, and service solutions. Check it out.

Springbok jumps into AI with Mieke de Ketelaere as board member

This month, Mieke de Ketelaere became the newest board member at Springbok. As a member of the board, she will be helping us use creativity and technology to deliver a positive contribution to brands, people and society. We expect that Sustainable AI, or addressing AI with the sustainable development goals in mind, will be disruptive within marketing and advertising and that De Ketelaere is going to play a leading role in it.
- Springbok Ghent

Duke & Grace becomes part of Springbok

Today the Ghent digital agency Duke & Grace became part of Springbok. Together with the recently acquired B Corp agency Make Sense, we are creating a strong hub in Ghent that seamlessly cooperates with our other agencies spread over Belgium and the Netherlands. There’s now a total of 400 people working where branding and tech meet, helping brands have a positive impact on people and society.
- Springbok Mechelen

B Corp agency Make Sense joins Springbok

Make Sense, strategic communication agency for sustainable brands and B Corp certified, has become part of Springbok and is joining us in our mission. With our combined powers, we will pack an even bigger punch when helping brands with the transition to more sustainable growth.
- Springbok Amsterdam

Carli Jager new PR & Brand Director at Springbok x Dawn

Amsterdam, August 29 2022 – As of October 1, Carli Jager (32) will start as the new PR & Brand Director at Springbok x Dawn. Previously, Jager worked as a PR & Business Development Director at TBWA, as well as in the marketing and creative sector at Emerce and ADCN, among other agencies.
- Springbok 's-Hertogenbosch

How to create NFTs for your business (Part 3/3)

Welcome to the third article in our series on NFTs on the process of creating NFTs (or a complete collection) so you can have an idea of how to sell (or give away) your NFTs to customers and/or brand enthusiasts.
- Springbok 's-Hertogenbosch

How your company can benefit from creating an NFT collection (Part 2/3)

This is the second part in our series on Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Want to refresh your knowledge of the basics, including how NFTs work, check out the first article or jump to the next article to discover how your company can create NFTs. This article covers the benefits of creating an NFT collection for your company.