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The Corona pandemic is rewriting the rules of retail

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Let’s give a warm welcome to Jeroen Huys, our new managing director in Belgium

Together we will use our warm culture as the foundation for positive growth and impact The cat’s out of the bag! We are very excited to announce that Jeroen Huys has been appointed as our new Managing Director at Springbok Mechelen. We are a fast-growing agency with over 300 experts and 6 offices in Belgium and the Netherlands, giving Jeroen the challenging role of propagating and guarding our Springbok DNA. As the former managing director of the renowned Design is Dead, he knows how to bridge the gap between technology and creativity like no other.
- Springbok Amsterdam

Springbok and Dawn join forces to lead a new era of purpose

It’s a new Dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new Springbok. We are very excited to announce that Amsterdam creative and strategic agency Dawn is coming together with Springbok. We merge to form a new kind of agency that will reinvent marketing for 21st century brands.
- Springbok Mechelen

Springbok attracts 4 marketing heavyweights to realise growth ambitions

Talents like Kathy Haemers and Maarten Breda and accounts like Nissan and Mezaldi signed with Springbok MECHELEN, 22 FEBRUARY 2022 - To start the year off right, Springbok welcomed seasoned experts like strategy director Kathy Haemers, brand experience director Maarten Breda, service designer Maarten Hazebroek and growth manager Kirsten Haver Droeze. These additions to the team embody the advertising agency’s methodology of connecting experts from different fields. Their strategy bears fruit in the form of new clients too, as big accounts like Nissan and Lantmännen Unibake started a partnership with the agency.
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Springbok Data is about to double in size - again

Mark Ebergen becomes the youngest managing partner in Springbok history, joining Peter van Leeuwen to lead Springbok Data to success. 's-Hertogenbosch, 17 February 2022 – Springbok Data, one of the expertise cells of Springbok, keeps up its high pace of growth, aiming to double in size for the second year in a row. Managers Mark Ebergen and Peter van Leeuwen and their team are gaining strong recognition among our clients like HEMA and Jumbo. Recently, the cooperation between Springbok and HEMA was presented with the 2021 Dutch Customer Data Award, for implementing and monetizing a centralised data strategy at the retailer. Their achievements did not go unnoticed within the organisation either, as Mark Ebergen and Peter van Leeuwen just became managing partners. No small feat for a 28 and a 36-year-old.
- Springbok 's-Hertogenbosch

What happens if Google Analytics gets banned by the DPA?

Data Protection Authority (DPA) agencies across Europe are questioning the GDPR compliance of Google Analytics. The Austrian DPA deemed the Google service non compliant due to the way it saves and processes data and the Dutch DPA announced that the service will possibly be banned in the near future. In this article we predict the impact of this decision on your business.
- Springbok Mechelen

We bought a church!

Oh hell yes we did. As we continued to grow, we were looking to establish a new headquarters that fits our ambitions of becoming a company that lasts for 100 years and doing some good for our community in the meanwhile. Naturally, we fell in love with the Sint-Albertus Church in Muizen when we entered the building. Watch the video below and you’ll see why.
- Springbok Mechelen

The future of data is decentralised - marking a significant change

In the data-driven marketing sector, linking data sources and centralizing data marks an important step towards making optimal use of collected data and providing the best possible service to customers. But according to Springbok’s Jimmy de Vreede, a new wind is blowing. A more open approach with decentralised data is on the horizon. In this article, de Vreede looks ahead to the future and shares several practical applications of decentralised data. Jimmy de Vreede is Data Director at Springbok and a member of the DDMA Data, Decisions & Engagement Committee. This article previously appeared on [](
- Springbok 's-Hertogenbosch

The rise of live stream e-commerce: what marketing professionals need to know

The combination of live streaming and e-commerce has not made it big in the West yet, but it’s already generating huge sales in China. A sneak peek at a trend that marketing professionals should keep a close eye on. Author Youri Harmsen is Managing Director at Springbok. This article previously appeared on [Emerce](
- Springbok Mechelen

Digital agencies Adeptiv and Rise + Shine continue as Springbok.

Adeptiv labels Yourzine and Searchresult join the Northern renaissance led by Springbok. Mechelen, Amsterdam, ‘s-Hertogenbosch, November 9, 2021 - Belgian digital agency group Springbok announces the incorporation of Dutch agency Adeptiv, their labels Searchresult and Yourzine, together with the Belgian agency Rise + Shine. These agencies have been part of the Springbok family since 2020 and 2019 respectively, and are now officially taking the Springbok name. With this move, Springbok employs a total of 280 digital specialists across borders.