Reinventing marketing
for 21st  century brands

Springbok is a leading international brandtech agency for a sustainable future. We deliver value with purpose, creativity, and technology. Team-up with the best and most connected talent in the industry.


Creativity x Purpose

Creative is not a department but a mindset that leads all of us. We care about meaning, quality, and integrity in our work above all else.

Humanity x Tech

We combine craft and technology into ideas that improve people’s lives, shape society, and grow your business.

Stories x Systems

No walls between system thinkers and Storytellers. Betas and Alfas. Left and Right brainers. That’s how we can unify all stakeholders with one story across all touchpoints.

Strategy x Culture

We believe the road to world-class work is through a rigorous creative strategy that has clear and measurable objectives and is rooted in the brands purpose and today’s zeitgeist.


Duke & Grace becomes part of Springbok

Today the Ghent digital agency Duke & Grace became part of Springbok. Together with the recently acquired B Corp agency Make Sense, we are creating a strong hub in Ghent that seamlessly cooperates with our other agencies spread over Belgium and the Netherlands. There’s now a total of 400 people working where branding and tech meet, helping brands have a positive impact on people and society.


Time for each other, time for Grolsch

Grolsch x Dawn x Creation x Experience Strategy


Maximising customer value with data

HEMA x Marketing automation


Springbok becomes the first agency in the Benelux to embrace sustainable web design

Although the climate emergency is at the top of the global agenda, the silent bad guy of this crisis, data pollution, often gets overlooked. Simply put, if the internet were a country, it would be the seventh most polluting country in the world, producing annual greenhouse emissions similar to that of the global airline industry. As a brand tech agency, we want to change this, which is why we have implemented a game-changing approach to building sustainable websites as part of our low-carbon web design initiative.