At Springbok, we’re all about creating opportunities for growth not only for our employees, but also students who are eager to learn and get a taste of agency life. We asked Lucas, Louiza and Matthias, students from Thomas More University, to tell us about their experience as Springbok interns and the lessons they’ll take with them as they build their careers.

What is your role at Springbok? 

Lucas: I am a UI/UX design intern. At first, when I started my internship, I thought I was going to be spending 90% of my time creating interfaces, but I soon found out that UX/UI encompasses so much more than that. I’ve learned a lot over the past few months, including how to collaborate with a team of designers. I’m also creating work for big clients like Bridgestone, WABCO and Mercedes-Benz. 

Louiza: I did my internship at the Springbok Amsterdam office. My role at Springbok included UI/UX tasks and front-end development. I worked on projects for Lytho (Sabern), Mercedes-Benz, Grundig and HireFirst. There are a wide range of tasks I’m responsible for, including web mastering, creating wireframes, designing and developing websites. 

Matthias: As a web development student, I’m part of Springbok’s development team. Most of the time, I take the role of a back-end developer because I love writing PHP in, for example, Laravel and WordPress. Since Springbok loves Laravel as well, I spend most of my time creating models, controllers and migrations. 

I’m working on Springbok’s international clients (Bridgestone and Mercedes-Benz) and the projects I work on are quite large with many different cases.

Is there a project you worked on that you’re most proud of? 

Lucas: One of the projects I worked on was helping my team design an internal database for a client. It was satisfying to see how we came together to create a brand-new platform in  3-4 weeks. I enjoyed the challenge of taking on more responsibilities and making some crucial decisions. 

Louiza: The last two weeks I worked on a landing page for one of our clients. I think this is one of the most challenging projects because I’m working on it independently and learning how to manage my time efficiently. I enjoyed having a full overview of the whole customer journey and meeting the client’s needs. 

Matthias: One of the main projects I worked on at Springbok was developing a user-friendly system that builds web pages for a client’s website. Instead of diving into code, the client can add pages to their website by choosing a set of pre-defined components. The team decided to build the project in Laravel and use Backpack as the admin panel, which I had never heard of and didn’t have any experience with but was happy to learn. It turned out to be very “developer friendly,” and I enjoyed learning how to use a new platform. I’m sure I will use the skills I learned from Backpack in future projects. 

How is this internship supporting your career? 

Lucas: Springbok uses Atomic design: a design methodology that accelerates the modular design process. I was already familiar with it from a previous school project and found the topic fascinating. During my internship, I finally had the opportunity to put this methodology into practice. My teammates were very helpful and invited me to work on projects using the methodology, so I could see how it works in an agency. 

Louiza: I appreciate the fact I had the chance to work on different projects in a variety of fields to get a more well-rounded experience. As a designer, I learned how important it is to align your work with the development team and vice versa. For example, the more detailed your Sketch file is, the faster a developer can finish the job with fewer revisions. Working for a client was completely new for me, but I got to learn how to meet tight deadlines and find efficient ways of working. 

Matthias: During my internship, I’ve learned lots of new things such as Laravel Backpack and deployments with Envoyer. I also gained more experience with Laravel itself, Vue.js, Linux server commands and more. Besides these hard skills, I also learned new soft skills. Before I started my internship, I was curious about how an agency works and everyday life in the workplace, and in the past three months I’ve discovered so much.