April 30, 2020

Springbok helps create innovative QR codes for a coronavirus-free workplace

MECHELEN, April 30, 2020 – The fight against the coronavirus concerns all of us. That’s why Springbok, the Mechelen-based communication and service agency, wanted to contribute its expertise. Now that businesses are starting up again, the result of those effort becomes visible. Springbok's creative team collaborated on SAVITAS, a privacy-friendly alternative to tracing apps. SAVITAS strives to provide optimal security for employees during times of corona, without jeopardising their personal data. Employees can, on their initiative, scan QR codes throughout the workplace. 

“Expose COVID-19, not your privacy,” is the baseline that Springbok created for SAVITAS. The idea for SAVITAS is from inspection firm Vinçotte and start-up Esoptra, with support from Mensura and Attentia, two external services for prevention and protection at work, and Vias, the knowledge centre for social safety. 

SAVITAS makes tracing both voluntary and active

What makes SAVITAS different from other coronavirus tracing apps is that it uses social engagement to motivate users to participate voluntarily and share their location. All a user has to do is scan one of the many QR codes hung up in their workplace. These QR codes can appear in various spaces, such as meeting rooms, workshop spaces, and even the bathroom. But these QR codes are in no way linked to privacy-sensitive data.

If an employee in a company contracts the coronavirus, that person - after medical authorisation - anonymously informs SAVITAS that he or she is ill. SAVITAS then alerts users who also scanned identical QR codes around the same time as the infected person that they could be at risk. A user receives this alert the next time they voluntarily scan one of the QR codes or by visiting the SAVITAS website. Companies cannot trace or use this data in any way.

The importance of creative added value

"Those QR codes play a crucial role in the effectiveness of SAVITAS," says Alexander Cha'ban, Creative Director of Springbok. "Employees should develop a genuine scan reflex, motivated by the idea that if they scan, they protect themselves and their colleagues. That's why the QR codes needed to be augmented by a powerful communicative dimension."

This is where Springbok's strategic and creative know-how provided the necessary added value. Companies that join SAVITAS receive a roll with stickers that highlight not only the QR code but also the name and purpose of the action. "SAVITAS. Scan to be in SafeCompany" is the slogan that appears on each sticker.

A user-first brand experience

"We are very happy that we at Springbok were able to contribute to this wonderful initiative," concludes Alexander Cha'ban."SAVITAS connects nicely with our own motto ‘Improving people's daily lives by combining creativity with technology.’ With one simple impulse, all objections raised by tracing apps are resolved. To be able to bring that initiative to the people and immediately contribute to the economic relaunch of our country: isn't that what you're doing it for?”

For more information about Springbok or SAVITAS, please contact:

Kim Verhaeghen
+32 478 88 18 57

Vincent van Lingen
+32 484 94 63 77

Alexander Cha’ban
+32 496 40 05 00

About Springbok 

Springbok is a next-gen hybrid agency that creates optimal customer experiences and campaigns by combining technology and creativity. In this approach, Springbok merges the intelligence of a data science consultancy with the creativity of an agency and the methodology and user-oriented approach of a UX design studio. In this way, Springbok can help build an entire digital ecosystem, from website to omnichannel campaigns. The agency does this for national and international clients such as Mercedes-Benz, Bridgestone, Daikin, ENGIE, Burger King and Brico. Springbok has offices in Mechelen (HQ), Amsterdam and Paris with 120 employees. 

October 8, 2019

Brico and R+S bring in the Selligent 2019 Consumer First Marketing Award

For the 2nd consecutive year, Rise + Shine is proud to announce having received Selligent’s Consumer First Marketing Award. During the annual Reconnect Benelux event, the jury rewarded the effective consumer-centric approach for Brico and BricoPlanit in 2019.

Brico and BricoPlanit are part of Maxeda DIY Group, a market leading DIY retailer that operates 374 stores across the Benelux with over 7.000 employees. Brico is the DIY market leader in Belgium (144 stores) and offers a wide range of DIY, home decoration and gardening products. BricoPlanit has eleven big box stores in Belgium with the widest possible range in products.

Both formats identified opportunities to acquire, unify, grow and win back customers. In order to engage consumers across the lifecycle, Brico and BricoPlanit encountered several challenges:

  1. Identify customers in-store via card registrations in a GDPR compliant and time-saving way
  2. Understand customers better by collecting key data to enhance personalisation and the customer experience
  3. Allow customers to control the communication to prevent opt-outs

Every challenge was tackled with a consumer-centric approach enabling Brico and BricoPlanit to personalise online communication with amazing results as the living proof of the added value of Consumer First Marketing :

  • 400% more instore card registrations
  • 100k missing fields completed in DB in only 2 months
  • 86% flow completion
  • Open Rate x3 and CTO x2

Both Brico and Rise+Shine are aware that the most important ingredient for success was the close collaboration. 

We consider R+S as a partner, rather than a supplier of the Brico Digital Marketing team
– dixit Ozana Popescu, Head of CRM IT Productions

Eager to find out more? Download the case here.

About Rise + Shine
We are Rise + Shine, a technology agnostic data-driven agency. We are a partner in Strategy and Technology. We believe the consumer and its data should be at the heart of your business. 

We don’t just send emails. We define the right channel & timing, we create relationships. Most importantly, we translate your marketing into sales. To do so, Rise+Shine has a team of experts mastering multiple technologies such asSelligent Marketing Cloud, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, HubSpot, Actito, Mailchimp, Sendgrid, … 

Our portfolio include Brico, FNG Group, Takeda, D’Ieteren, Edenred, Burger King, Quick, Alpega and many more.

September 10, 2019

Springbok is boosting its marketing automation services with Rise + Shine.

Digital communication and service agency Springbok is continuing to realise its ambitious growth plans at a rapid pace. Managing Partners Kim Verhaeghen, Vincent Van Lingen and Alexander Cha’ban announced today that marketing automation specialist Rise + Shine has now become part of Springbok.

Joining forces brings Springbok one step closer to its ultimate goal, namely helping to shape the future of digital marketing as a top 3 player.

Rise + Shine is one of the leading marketing automation agencies in Belgium, and has itself enjoyed impressive growth. This comes as no surprise because marketing automation has become really indispensable in digital communication. Nowadays it’s crucial that organisations connect every area of their digital ecosystems. It’s only by doing so that they can address their target groups in each channel personally and consistently. Consumers have come to expect hyper-personal and consistent omnichannel marketing.

“Thanks to the acquisition of Rise + Shine, the Springbok Group gains strategic and technological marketing automation knowledge,” explains Kim Verhaeghen. “More than ever before, this allows us to build fully integrated digital ecosystems for our clients, from strategy to execution. Rise + Shine will continue to operate under its own name.”

For Michel Demoor, Rise + Shine’s founder and strategic director, joining the Springbok Group is a logical step. “We clicked immediately because, just like us, Springbok is very data-driven. For us, data are the basis for building relationships between brands and people, and making digital communication more personal.” Kim Verhaeghen emphasises that Springbok’s Artificial Intelligence knowledge can add new dimensions to marketing automation. “The future of marketing automation will be driven by predictive analytics via AI.”

Rise + Shine was founded in 2015. In just 3 years, the agency has achieved a turnover of €1.8 million and become a team of 20 people. Rise + Shine can include top brands such as Burger King, Quick, D’Ieteren, Brico, Tom&Co, Brantano, Siemens, Edenred, AXA, vacature.com, Accent Jobs and Brussels South Charleroi Airport amongst its clients. “It’s reassuring for these clients that Michel and I will remain on board for the long term,” says Jean Durand, the technological mastermind behind Rise + Shine. “Joining forces with Springbok puts us in a stronger position in the market and fits perfectly into the growth scenario we had envisaged from the start.”

With the arrival of Rise + Shine, Springbok is also expanding its Selligent and Salesforce capabilities. Rise + Shine offers its marketing automation advice and services for every platform. But for Selligent and Salesforce, it is a certified specialist. Amongst other awards, Rise + Shine has also won the Benelux Gold Selligent Award for its vacature.be case study.

With Rise + Shine, the Springbok Group is also gaining a foothold in Brussels. Rise + Shine will remain in its offices at Brussels’ South Station. “This Brussels hub is the perfect base for us to become a leading player, even south of the language border,” says Alexander Cha’ban.

Vincent Van Lingen concludes, “Following the opening of Springbok Paris and the investment in the AI start-up AddRelevance, this is another big step for Springbok. We look forward to further acquisitions in the Netherlands and France to realise our further international ambitions.”

For more information about Springbok or Rise + Shine, please contact:

Kim Verhaeghen
+32 478 88 18 57

Vincent Van Lingen
+32 484 94 63 77

Alexander Cha’ban
+32 496 40 05 00

About Springbok

Springbok is a next gen hybrid agency which, thanks to the combination of technology and creativity, creates optimum customer experiences and campaigns. In its approach, Springbok combines the intelligence of a data science consultancy with the creativity of an agency and the methods and people-oriented approach of a UX design studio. By doing so, Springbok can help to build an entire digital ecosystem from website to omnichannel campaigns. The agency does this for international clients such as Mercedes-Benz Benelux, Bridgestone Europe, Medialaan, Daikin Europe, Engie Electrabel, Beko, Xerius and Kinepolis. Since it was founded in 2014, Springbok has grown hugely. Today, it has branches in Mechelen (HQ), Amsterdam and Paris, and the team comprises 110 people.

About Rise and Shine

Rise + Shine
 is a data-driven marketing agency, specialising in creating customer engagement and conversion, from marketing to sales. It works for Burger King, Quick, D’Ieteren, Brico, Tom&Co, Brantano, Siemens, Edenred, AXA, vacature.com, Accent Jobs and Brussels South Charleroi Airport. The team makes marketing more efficient by adding a personal bond, by identifying high-quality prospects, feeding 1-on-1 leads and stimulating existing customers’ buying behaviour.

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