Springbok welcomes Indufin as a new investor.

MECHELEN, 26 FEBRUARY 2020 – Springbok takes the next step in its ambitious growth strategy. Today, the digital communication and service agency announced that the Belgian investment fund Indufin is joining Springbok. The Springbok management and new investor join forces with a clear vision: To make Springbok the leading European player in its field thanks to a unique combination of creativity and technology. 

Springbok has achieved an impressive growth trajectory since its founding in 2014. The company opened offices in Amsterdam and Paris, employs 115 people and has several prominent companies as clients, such as Bridgestone EMIA, Daikin Europe N.V., Mercedes-Benz and ENGIE Electrabel. Last year, marketing automation company Rise + Shine became part of the Springbok family. 

The agency’s rapid growth is primarily due to the unique mix of expertise. “In today’s world, you can no longer separate technology from creativity,” says Kim Verhaeghen, Managing Partner of Springbok. “We have succeeded in bringing together the right talent in both areas of expertise in a truly integrated way in one team. In this way, we build brand experiences that really make a difference for our customers, both on a national and international level.” 

Springbok’s growth strategy not only stems from the management’s ambitions but also answers the objectives of its clients. “International companies choose Springbok because of our integration of services,” explains Vincent van Lingen, Managing Partner of Springbok. “To help realise these plans as a partner, the scale of our services must grow at an international level, and Indufin is the right partner to help us achieve this.”

The match between Springbok and Indufin is no coincidence. The Belgian investor has a long-term vision and selects companies based on their growth potential and clear ambition. “Springbok has aspirations but at the same time looks beyond pure buy and grow,” says Jean-Francois Vryens, Managing Partner of Indufin. “We look forward to taking them to the next level. In the last three months, I have discovered a wonderful, professional team with a lot of potential. There really was a click.”

Alexander Cha’ban, Managing Partner of Springbok, agrees. “It is important to have a good human relationship with an investor. After all, we are a people’s business. At Springbok, we attach great importance to the company culture and ‘people first’ is a leitmotif in our day-to-day business. That’s something that must remain central, no matter how big we become. Indufin shares that vision on the importance of human capital.” 

The entry of Indufin means that the investment fund Monus led by Olivier Somers and Maxim Dierckx, which accompanied Springbok in recent years, is leaving. “It was a nice trip together,” says Olivier Somers. “With Indufin, a new, wealthy fund is stepping in that can help Springbok become a real international player. The team is ready for it.”

Stefan Knecht

Stefan Knecht

Stefan is a Creative Director who knows everything about “classic" communication and adores all new forms of communication. On top of that he has broad interest in the world as we know it. Thanks to this perfect mix of three he is also known as the Negroni of the agency.

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