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Turn up the SEO

Client: Pioneer Europe

Task: Use SEO to help Pioneer Europe dominate Google search results

Scale: Europe

Menu: SEO consultancy, reporting and competitor analysis

As a producer of premium in-car entertainment products, Pioneer knows how to bring the sound of the recording studio to your car. Just as Pioneer products are able to amplify your music, we needed to amplify the company’s local content on Google search pages. Because SEO is in our DNA, we knew just how to fine tune the website for short and long-term success.


The first step to our campaign was to harmonize the 20 different domains of the Pioneer Europe website: By completing a competitor analysis, we knew just how to upgrade the Pioneer website, which included adapting the content to perform better in keyword rankings and SEO algorithms.

Pioneer compared to similar companies


Our SEO plan significantly increased Pioneer Europe’s online presence, bringing the website higher on search engine listings and ranking distributions. Beyond immediate success, we also setup SEO checklists to ensure the Pioneer Europe website will continue to increase its SEO clout in the long run.

Pioneer case - SEO positions compared to start
Pioneer case - SEO ranking distribution