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Something new
for the used

Client: Mercedes-Benz

Task: Design custom logo and marcom materials to launch the Mercedes-Benz Certified campaign

Scale: Belgium

Menu: Strategy, concept, project marketing, graphic design and copywriting

Mercedes-Benz billboard

A world-renowned car company, Mercedes-Benz Europe wanted to strengthen its position in the used car segment with its Mercedes-Benz Certified range. Planned as a pan-European campaign, we earned the opportunity to work with this distinguished brand to deliver a strategic online and offline campaign for the Belgian market.


Although Mercedes-Benz was well known for its vast portfolio, we needed to find a way to a way the make the Certified range stand out. Our answer was to design a custom logo that symbolised the company’s confidence in its pre-owned vehicles. By adding brackets to form a stamp around the word “Certified,” we created a simple yet sophisticated design that offered a fresh look and stayed true to Mercedes-Benz’s visual identity.

Mercedes-Benz certified

With our new logo, we then developed a campaign to spread the word about the Certified range. Built upon the notoriety of its predecessor, “Nearly New Car,” our new logo became the focal point of the Certified campaign used in POS materials, advertisements and much more.

Mercedes-Benz Certified
Mercedes-Benz certified FR