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Hit the road with
Jacques the chatbot

Client: Firestone
Task: Help people find the right tyres and increase lead generation via retail network
Scale: Europe

Menu: Chatbot development, creative concept, conversion and optimisation

Founded in 1900, Firestone is an iconic American tyre brand ready to improve its online buyer’s journey. Buying a new set of rubbers online is a bit of daunting task. So to boost online sales via the Firestone website, we needed to rethink the way consumers discover and purchase tyres. Inspired by our other Firestone projects, we turned to the power of conversation to drive sales.


We knew there were parts of the customer’s buyer journey that needed improvement. Specifically, we needed an accessible, simple and clear approach for consumers to find the tyres that meet their needs. And that’s how we met Jacques.

firestone case meet jacques the chatbot

Packed with information about every possible car brand, model and engine from Firestone’s database, Jacques is a chatbot designed to help consumers find their perfect set of tyres. All a user has to do is simply describe the type of car they drive and Jacques guides them through a simple tyre selection process. Within a matter of minutes Jacques matches a user with their perfect set of rubbers, and provides the contact info of local dealers stocking those specific tyres.


After integrating Jacques into the Firestone website, we saw an immediate improvement in the buyer’s journey. Jacques’ ability to offer quick answers with a dose of personality made purchasing tyres easier and more fun. So even if you just want to have a chat, Jacques is always there for you.