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Firestone europe


Client: Firestone Europe
Task: Introduce social media channels for major markets
Scale: European

Menu: Strategy, social media, analytics/reporting, special campaigns, creative, content, community management, art direction, photography

Firestone on iPad

Firestone Europe hit refresh and needed a hand in spreading the word. The iconic American tyre brand revived its fun-loving, adventure-seeking spirit and was eager to reconnect with its European audience. The name seemed familiar, but most Europeans couldn’t place where from they knew Firestone. Instead of investing in a traditional media campaign, we brought Firestone back to the people through conversation.


With a target audience that spans 50 countries and that speaks 44 official languages and more than 60 other non-official languages, it was crucial that we built Firestone’s social media strategy in a way that connected with users on a localised cultural and linguistic level. Our social media strategy centres on 2 main platforms: Facebook and Instagram. Due to the nature of each medium, we use different strategies for each one.


Facebook serves as the flagship platform for our social media strategy due to its pan-European reach and localisation capabilities. We set up Firestone’s Facebook account as 1 global default page with 6 regional pages, representative of its 6 major markets: France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain and the UK. This structure allows us to manage the pages globally, but segment our audience and coordinate content based on language and geographic location. We create weekly Facebook content, manage localisations of content, create and launch special campaigns, host monthly Facebook contests, manage the community, produce monthly reports and proactively conduct content reviews and optimisations.

Firestone Facebook Engagement
Firestone Social Media Facebook
Firestone Social Media - Springbok Agency

Instagram is an existing channel that we manage on a European scale. We developed a strategy based on optimising the channel according to account analytics and best practices. We create weekly content and manage growth hacking strategies to realise quick, yet sustainable growth.

Firestone App
Firestone Mobile

The Results


For 2015 (first year)

53000 Facebook fans

118m people reached

305k post likes, 20.5k post comments, 14k post shares


In 2 months time (from strategy implementation)

Increase Engagement Firestone

Average engagement rate of 13.57%