RETHINK IT ALL by Daikin Europe - Springbok Agency
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Daikin Europe


Client: Daikin Europe
Task: Increase brand awareness with a corporate image campaign
Scale: European

Menu: Creative strategy, creative concept, execution, photography, lay-out, preparation of the materials for the markets

A global leader in heating and cooling solutions, Daikin Europe, wanted to boost awareness of its wide product range and position itself as the market leader for climate control in Central Europe. These days, every other climate control campaign looks the same: a well-designed interior scene where the furniture and décor overshadow the climate unit being advertised. We felt that we needed to do something to disrupt this trend.


Our idea was to rethink it all. We needed to stand out, so we took the interior campaigns and did a complete 180°. In our campaigns the unit does not compete with the rest of the interior, the unit is the focus.

Daikin Comfort - Springbok Agency
Daikin Control - Springbok Agency
Daikin Energy 2Plus - Springbok Agency

The abstract background creates a minimalist setting, so that the user is forced to focus on the acrobats and the featured Daikin unit. Communicating balance, control, flexibility and strength, the acrobats not only intrigue viewers, they are personifications of Daikin units. With the placement of the unit, the eye is immediately drawn to it and convinced that the unit is the reasoning behind the claim. These ads are about the unit, not about interior design.