Club Brugge - Increase Merchandising Sales Delivered
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Club brugge

Play the game

Client: Club Brugge
Task: Increase merchandising sales
Scale: Global

Menu: Webshop construction, webshop management, social media posts, email campaigns, social advertising, Google Adwords, remarketing

Club Brugge BBQ

In Belgium, football is more important than any box of chocolates. As one of the leading premier football clubs in Belgium, Club Brugge has a passionate fan base that’s more than eager to support their favourite team. Athletics is a big industry that offers a lot of merchandising opportunities, but Club Brugge wanted to focus on its field game, not its sales game—our job was to take advantage of its fan base and play the sales game.


Club Brugge outsourced its entire e-commerce business to us. We built its Club Shop (e-commerce site for fan gear) and implemented a digital management strategy to drive conversion. We utilise the club’s social media channels and run email, Facebook, Google and remarketing campaigns. With these actions we are able to leverage the loyal fan base and significantly drive sales.

Club Brugge Shop - Springbok Agency
Club Brugge Tribune
Club Brugge campaign