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A home
for social

Client: Beko
Task: Use social content to increase brand awareness and engagement
Scale: Belgium & the Netherlands

Menu: Social media, Facebook contests, community management and content creation

Known as the, “Partner of the Everyday,” Beko wanted to connect with its customers on a daily basis. This international home appliance company sells everything from cooking to cleaning solutions, and it was our job to make Beko your go-to partner to seize the everyday.


We took Beko’s global brand message and brought it to a local level. Our social strategy was clear: develop and share fun, inspiring and engaging content with local consumers. Posting daily recipes, tips and tricks, and life hacks reinforced the home appliance company as a thought-leader and reliable source for turning the every day into an extraordinary day.


Using a mix of trending topics and local culture, we create a wide range of content specifically catered towards Belgian and Dutch Facebook users. From hosting live polls, known as “Beko Battles,” to sharing fresh recipes, we deliver memorable posts that increase engagement and carve out a space Beko in the social media sphere.

The results