Antwerp World Diamond Centre - The Diamond Loupe App
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Antwerp world diamond centre

Stay in the loupe

Client: Antwerp World Diamond Centre (AWDC)
Task: Bring The Diamond Loupe App to market
Scale: Global

Menu: Hyper-Targetting, Google Search and Display ads, digital/creative strategy, creative concept, graphic design, copywriting, film development, direct mail, mobile, web

The Diamond Loupe -2

Think of The Diamond Loupe as the BBC of the diamond industry. Developed by AWDC to promote and support the diamond industry, it’s a one-stop-platform where diamond professionals can keep up with the latest industry news. Available online and as an app, it was our job to make sure that the right people knew about it.

Stay in the loupe

Perfectly coined, “Stay in the Loupe” is the double entendre that inspired our multi-channel campaign. Pairing PR announcements, direct mailings and street activations with a hyper-targeted digital strategy, we were able to penetrate a rather conservative market on a global scale.

From Antwerp
to hong kong

The key to success was finding our way into the right hands—the hands of B2B professionals active in the diamond industry. Using search and display ads on Google, Facebook and LinkedIn, we could hyper-target mobile users based on their professions, connections and interests. By focusing only on mobile users, we could implement CTAs that linked users directly to the App Store to minimise funnel loss and significantly increase conversion rates.

The Diamond Loupe
Global Diamond News
Forget About Yesterday's News

The Results

95%are returning users

Top users come from the major diamond cities around the world:

Antwerp, Tel Aviv, Hong Kong, mumbai, new york, dubai

Global Diamond News - Springbok Agency

The average user spends

4:20 Min on the app

4,635 video views

The diamond loupe was even picked up
by other leading industry news sites.

one of the most successful
campaigns awdc ever did