We are Springbok

Instead of Generic,
We focus on Innovation.

Humanised brand experiences is the sweet spot, where you create a humanlike optimal user experience using AI technology that makes you stand out as a brand.

We aim to stay ahead of the curve. Whether it’s boosting sales, reinventing the user experience or reshaping your brand’s image, our team of brand builders, UX designers, creative technologists and AI experts can make it happen. By developing smart creative concepts, reinventing products and services and humanising interfaces we make your business and brands ready for the AI revolution.

We don’t shy away from futuristic technology – we embrace it. We use deep science to reinvent your brand. With a human-centric approach and co-creation design sprints, we invite clients and users to become part of this journey.

Our manifesto

The Springbok Way


We begin by balancing your business objectives with brand insights to create a sound strategy.


Together, we ideate out-of-the-box solutions that we put quickly to test by building, testing, iterating a prototype, to arrive to a user-validated concept.


We will spring with a multi-disciplinary and self-organising team sprints to build your Minimum Viable Product, prioritising and evolving your requirements.


We measure results, learn quickly and optimize your digital touchpoints to continuously improve for better results.


We help companies transform and prepare for a fast-paced and changing world.

Meet the management

Managing Partner and Founder

Kim Verhaeghen

Managing Partner and Founder

Vincent van Lingen

Managing Partner and Creative Director

Alexander Cha’ban

Managing Partner of The Netherlands

Erwin Hendriks

Director Studio & Operations

Cindy Verbeemen

Service Design Director

Jan Vanalphen

Creative Director

Stefan Knecht

Account Director

Petra Lauwers

Client Services Director

Inez De Pooter

Head of development

John Deprez

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