Reinventing marketing
for 21st  century brands

Springbok is a digital and creative agency for positive growth. We deliver value with purpose, creativity, and technology. Team-up with the best and most connected talent in the industry.


Creativity x Purpose

Creative is not a department but a mindset that leads all of us. We care about meaning, quality, and integrity in our work above all else.

Humanity x Tech

We combine craft and technology into ideas that improve people’s lives, shape society, and grow your business.

Stories x Systems

No walls between system thinkers and Storytellers. Betas and Alfas. Left and Right brainers. That’s how we can unify all stakeholders with one story across all touchpoints.

Strategy x Culture

We believe the road to world-class work is through a rigorous creative strategy that has clear and measurable objectives and is rooted in the brands purpose and today’s zeitgeist.


Springbok jumps into AI with Mieke de Ketelaere as board member

This month, Mieke de Ketelaere became the newest board member at Springbok. As a member of the board, she will be helping us use creativity and technology to deliver a positive contribution to brands, people and society. We expect that Sustainable AI, or addressing AI with the sustainable development goals in mind, will be disruptive within marketing and advertising and that De Ketelaere is going to play a leading role in it.


Relaunching Ethias as the most human insurer.

Ethias x Concept, creation & campaigning


There’s more in a Foodbag - and in this case - than you think!

Foodbag x Creative concept & campaigning


Springbok reveals plans for church at Venice Architecture Biennale

Amsterdam, 17 May 2023 - Communications agency Springbok and the architects from OFFICEU have given the Sint-Albertus church in Mechelen a very special dual function: the new international head offices of Springbok and a meeting spot for local residents. By adding contemporary architectural elements to the church, a unique concept has been created that’s been selected for the Time Space Existence exhibition during the eighteenth edition of the prestigious Venice Biennale of Architecture 2023.