Springbok Agency - Creative Services and Digital
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Let’s talk about us

We like to think that we’re pretty special, and you should too. Anyways, Springbok Agency has two parts: Creative Services and Digital. We’re like brother and sister, but we actually get along.

Creative services

We’ve got that creative thing and that service thing going on. We deliver top service because our large in-house team runs like a well-oiled machine. We react quickly and provide results.

Get in touch when you:

  • Are still waiting for your campaign from last month to go live
  • Need people to stop planning their bathroom breaks during  your commercials
  • Can’t solve your brand’s identity crisis
  • Don’t want to go jail for using Paint Programme designs
  • Prefer guerrilla marketing over marketing done by guerrillas
  • Want real solutions, not just wall décor


Who doesn’t have an online profile these days? We can help you with everything from SEO to likes, dot.coms and pixels. Everything we do is data-driven.

Get in touch when you:

  • Don’t want to be THAT person that everyone hides on his/her newsfeed
  • Can’t make bail after being arrested for crimes against UX
  • Want to break the Internet harder than Kim K.
  • Decide you need SEO and SEA, but still aren’t sure what the abbreviations mean
  • Are ready to sell stuff online
  • Prefer results instead of just invoices

Plan. Make. Run. And Scale.

Plan: Success begins with analysis and definition. Analysis provides us with insights that help define the strategy, targets, mechanics and creative concepts.

Make: Our strategy guides our output. We make our strategy tangible by acting and creating.

Run: This is the time for learning and iterations. We learn from the data and optimise to achieve success. It’s for more than just digital; it applies to all types of on-going campaigns.

Scale: This is when everything gets serious. When we see something that is working, we scale to increase impact. Our large in-house team lets us rollout quickly in different markets.

Meet the family

We’re not genetically related. But, when you spend enough time around people, you do start to look alike.

Kim verhaeghen
Managing Partner Digital
Vincent van Lingen
Managing Partner Digital
Stefan Knecht
Creative Director & Managing Partner Creative Services
Erwin Hendriks
Managing Partner, The Netherlands
Evelien Hesters
Account Director
Sophie Leysen
Account Director
Astrid Druyts
Account Manager
Stijn Verbruggen
Senior Digital Marketing Expert
Alexis Safarikas
Digital Strategist
Thomas Rypens
Web Development Manager
Nikolaas Onsea
Account Director
Eline Aerts
Account Executive
Esther Blangenois
Account Executive
Charlotte Arts
Account Executive
Perine Swenters
Assistant Account Executive
Britt Gellaerts
Account Manager
Herlinde Bradt
Account Manager
Steven De Kock
Website & Content Manager
Kelly Le-Quang
Senior Project Manager
Massimo Pinna
Project Manager
Delfien Raymakers
Digital Project Manager
Tine Saerens
Digital Project Manager
Jonas Bosmans
Digital Content Manager
Pawla Burten
Office Manager
Kevin Put
Art Director / Creative
Stijn Van Evelghem
Art Director
Jordy Roelands
Art Director
Anna Van Herreweghen
Art Director
Marlies Ghielens
Junior UX Designer
Eva Aerts
Website & Content Manager
Marjorie Allen
Jasmine Robbé
Copywriter / Creative
Anne Boyle
Glen Schrijvers
Famke Pauwels
Tatiana Crabbe
Graphic Designer
Charline Dekkers
Graphic Designer
Axelle Lormans
Graphic Designer
Lies van Eyck
Graphic Designer
Sidney van Peteghem
Web Developer
Seeger Mattijs
Web Designer & Developer
Jonas Vanderhaegen
E-commerce Developer
Zaheen Ahmed
Web Developer